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Spiff vs. QuotaPath

Selecting the best Sales Compensation Software for your business is crucial. Let’s walk through two of the top-rated platforms, Spiff and QuotaPath, to help you choose the solution that is right for you.


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Ultimate transparency

Spiff’s unique tracing functionality allows you and your reps to trace through commission logic step-by-step, adding trust and transparency to your commission process in a way that QuotaPath doesn’t.

More robust commission support

Feel secure knowing that even the most nuanced or complex commission plan is in good hands with Spiff’s intuitive UI and robust suite of tools within our dynamic Commission Designer.

Built-in analytics

See how commissions are trending with built-in benchmarking and summary reporting. And, create robust, informative dashboards with our in-app business intelligence tool.

Total commission control

Spiff gives admins the ability to adjust and overwrite all commission data- everything from an entire commission statement to the smallest calculation on a single opportunity. QuotaPath doesn’t facilitate the same flexibility.

Simple but powerful integrations

Spiff easily integrates with the systems you already rely on and gives you the ability to manage and overwrite data and import new objects and fields as your organization scales.

All features and functionality included

Spiff comes fully equipped with leaderboards, commission overwriting, approval workflows, currency conversion, document management, and everything else you need to actually manage commissions.


What are customers saying?

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