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Sales Solutions

See how companies like yours use Spiff to power their commission programs, motivate their sales teams, and improve performance across departments.


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Sales managers and reps are able to see commissions in real-time, increasing transparency and motivation.

Personalized Plan Assignments

Access to commissions in real-time with personalized incentive dashboards that update in real-time.

Key Performance Indicators

Gain insight into performance and potential commissions with fully customizable statement KPIs.

Mobile App

See how much money you earn, how much you have the potential to make, and how you’re tracking against goals- even on the go.

Commission Predictor

Using machine learning, Commission Predictor enables reps to view their potential commission earnings three periods ahead.


Spiff is able to manage every one of our commission rules, giving me full confidence and trust that my numbers are always accurate. Prior to Spiff, there was a lot of room for human error, which led to hours and hours of self auditing by each rep. Spiff saves our sales team, on average, 100 hours per month, which enables us to focus on mission critical business activities and helping the company grow.

Alex Franco
Alex Franco
Senior Account Executive


Inaccuracies in commission statements create distrust between departments. End the war between sales and finance once and for all.

Commission Tracing

Build trust with your teams by giving them visibility into every commission calculation at the most granular level possible.

Dispute Management & Commenting

Real time commenting and email notifications for better alignment and cross-org collaboration.

Overwrites & Adjustments

Quickly make changes with our easy to use solution, so you can get back to revenue-generating activities.

Wide Range of Integrations

Share data across the platforms you already use so your entire organization is on the same page.


Intuitive, accurate and visual. A tool that I can trust to keep me on track. The integration with Salesforce is consistently accurate, meaning that I can trust the numbers and know exactly how I am tracking throughout the month. The dashboard brings the numbers to life, and I love being able to see at a glance how my numbers are fluctuating throughout the year.

Jamie Williams
Jamie Williams
Sales Development Representative


Remove the noise around commissions so you and your team can focus on revenue-generating activities.

Advanced Team Management

Define complex team structures and Spiff automatically adjusts team commissions based on membership dates.

Summary Reports

Run visualizations that compare commission metrics of your reps, which are easily exported to share or save for reference.

Payroll Reports

Easily generate payroll reports in one-click for your finance and accounting departments to help ensure your teams get paid on time.

Notifications & Alerts

Get timely Slack or email notifications so you know what’s going on at all times.