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How does it work?

Our main priority is to make your life easier. That’s why we designed a pricing model that works for you. Request your custom quote or speak with a member of our team to see why the fastest-growing organizations choose Spiff!

Who is Spiff for?

  • Companies that have anywhere from 25 to 1000+ commissionable employees.
  • Companies with sophisticated or maturing technology stacks
  • Businesses with complex or time-consuming commission practices.

Here’s what our customers have to say…


“I personally am super glad our VP Finance chose Spiff. Spiff has enabled us to facilitate complex sales organization transformation while maintaining sales end-user transparency into evolving commission models.”
Cody Clark | Data Analytics


“Spiff is simply malleable from implementation to data articulations and can accommodate even the most complex of commission structures. Love what it is, and excited to see what is to come.”
Brian Orr | VP of Finance and Corporate Controller


“Since implementing Spiff, our team has been able to reduce the time spent reconciling and processing commissions by 400% and the headcount involved by 3 (4 people for a total of 36 hours now down to 1 person at roughly 6 hours).”
Andrew Sims | Sales Ops Manager


“Prior to implementing Spiff, we spent several frustrating months trying to implement another commission platform and finally gave up. Spiff understood the complexity of our plans and our SalesForce structure, which allowed them to build our plans in a way that makes sense for us.”
Tammera Petrick | Controller

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the implementation cost associated with Spiff?

Our implementation cost is a one-time $100 fee per user. Compare that to our competitors in the commission automation space that charge thousands of dollars for onboarding, implementation, and maintenance. Once we load your commission plans in Spiff, our state-of-the-art Commission Plan Designer gives you full control of your commission plans.

How secure is Spiff data?

We take security seriously at Spiff. We understand that security is vital for your business and our business. Your data is encrypted to and from Spiff, whether you access it from your desktop or mobile devices. We store all data using cutting-edge security technology and industry-leading best practices including:

  • SOC 2 Type I
  • Annual Pentesting** (Report(s) Available)
  • Data In Motion and Encrypted with TLS 1.2/3 and AES256
  • CCPA and GDPR Compliant
  • Complete Auditability
  • Strict Role-Based Access Control Rules

What is the average onboarding time?

In our experience successful customer onboarding can take just a few weeks, depending on the complexity of your commission plans and the time it takes to receive technical requirements from your organization.

Why are commissioned employees happier and more productive with Spiff?

We built Spiff to be the transparent and flexible backbone of your sales organization. Reps are able to check their performance against goals, track their team’s progress, and see the dollar and cents breakdown of their commissions quickly. They no longer have to spend time calculating it themselves or chasing down incorrect information. Instead, they can get back to doing what they do best– selling, supporting, and generating revenue.

Why should companies stop using spreadsheets for commission accounting?

Good question! When we’re onboarding new customers, we often find that they are doing hours of unnecessary work in complicated spreadsheets. Every month, they have to calculate who gets what commission and work alongside sales reps doing the same manual calculations. This can lead to a lack of productivity, manual error, and low morale. But with Spiff, any changes are applied automatically, even retroactively. Everyone can check total commissions and understand where their performance is- in real-time. Spreadsheets weren’t built for commission automation, but Spiff is.

Why do companies use Spiff?

Spiff is designed from the ground up to help you identify motivation strategies that work. We use the latest in predictive analytics, machine learning, and behavioral science to help you drive top-line sales growth. Our customers are the fastest-growing companies in the world including Lucid, Podium, Sendoso, Workato, Bitglass, Hirevue, Weave, and more. We handle millions in commissions for our customers every month for 1000s of sales reps.

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