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The Spiff


Elevate your current commission process with Spiff and discover how just a little bit of trust, transparency, and accuracy can revolutionize commission management from start to finish.




Flexible Set-Up

Set up commission plans in weeks, not months. Make changes on the fly, as you need them, no matter how complex your commission plan is.

Powerful Engine

Complicated plan? Built-in functionality handles the most intricate commission structures and nuances such as accelerators, tiers, multiple triggers, and more. Calculate thousands of statements in seconds.

Real-Time Visibility

Provide sales teams with real-time visibility into their commission statements– even on the go with our mobile app. Leadership and finance teams also have increased visibility into team performance.

Seamless Integrations

Native integrations into the top CRM’s, ERP’s, and more. Seamlessly pull the data you need to run commissions, wherever you store it. Easily map and pair data together, no matter the source, with Spiff’s dynamic relationship builder.

Simple Adjustments

Make adjustments and overwrites to any statement and any source of data – all tracked and available in a simple audit log complete with comments and threads. Add one-off adjustments with a few clicks of a button.

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Real-Time Visibility

Provide sales teams with real-time visibility into their commission statements– even on the go with our mobile app. Leadership and finance teams also have increased visibility into team performance.

Advanced Reporting & Analytics

Keep reps informed on their commission performance with fully customizable reports and dashboards. Allow each rep access to visual commission trends and analytics, catered to their specific team and plans.

Accurate & Error-Free Statements

Build trust with your teams by giving them visibility into every commission calculation, even at the most granular level. Eliminate wasted time on disputes by giving reps insight into exactly where their commissions are coming from.

In-App Commenting

Manage questions, comments, and disputes all within the in-app commenting functionality. Coupled with our Commission Insights, give reps the ability to ask more informed questions, tagged to the obligations themselves.

Potential Earnings Insights

Give your team the power to see the future. With Spiff, reps can see pending invoices, deals waiting to close, and AI generated commission predictions.

Spiff gives reps visibility into all aspects of their commission: past, present, and future.



Deep Audit Trail

Simply add effective dates on any user, plan, or logic inside of the system. Lock historical statements to keep your books straight. Make one-off changes without worry.

Advanced Team Management

Upload and manage users, plans, and teams in bulk all from a single table view, or have your own managed structures pulled directly from another system.

Document Management

Handle contracts, signatures, and storage all within the app. Automate the entire commission process from beginning to end.

Currency Conversion

Manage currency conversion in-app – allow your reps to see their statements in their preferred currency while allowing you to report using another. Manage exchange rates using the app, or by importing your own values from your currency management system.

Approval Workflows

Build trust within your organization by giving your teams a way to view, manage, and approve commission statements before they’re sent out.



Enhanced Plan Recommendations

Leverage data and analytics to refine your incentive compensation rules and grow your business. See how commission plans compare year after year using your current data.

Powerful Testing Capabilities

Backtest new rules against real data, model new plans, and optimize your commission structure in real-time.

Open Data API

All of your commission data – from data sources to entire statements – are available for export into your favorite Business Intelligence tool. Use the open API to pull and visualize your commission numbers within internal dashboards and reports.

Robust Statement & Period Exports

Export all of your commission data using customized reporting for deeper analyses outside of Spiff. Generate payroll reports in one click for your Finance & Accounting department to help ensure your teams get paid on time.

ASC606 & IFRS15 Expense Reporting

Evolve the way you handle expense reporting utilizing the in-app expensing tool. Built to utilize the full power of the Commission Engine, tie directly into your calculated commissions to produce accurate, robust expense reports in seconds.


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