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Finance Solutions

With Spiff’s finance solutions, you can automate the most complex commission structures, create alignment with sales, and ensure you’re compliant with ever-changing financial regulations.


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Eliminate manual processes and complex legacy systems, so you can have confidence in each and every payroll cycle.

Seamless integrations

Connect your CRM, ERP, HCM, payroll, or any other system to create a real-time, single source of truth for all your commission needs.


Machine learning automatically matches records for you and eliminates manual errors between systems.

Complex processes simplified

Save significant time capitalizing and amortizing commissions by automatically pulling in data and pre-set commission rules.


Spiff is simply malleable from implementation to data articulations and can accommodate even the most complex of commission structures. Love what it is, and excited to see what is to come.

Brian Orr
Brian Orr
VP of Finance and Corporate Controller


Speed and efficiency are the name of the game to bring sanity back into your workday and alignment to your organization.

Dispute management & commenting

Real-time commenting and email notifications for better alignment and faster cross-org collaboration.

Powerful overwrites

Easily overwrite values inside Spiff at any level, from your source data to the most granular calculated value.

Single source of truth

The Commission Expensing tool houses all pertinent information, removing human error.


Spiff has taken out the grueling aspect of calculating commissions in a spreadsheet and manually creating commission statements for each sales rep, thereby saving us a lot of time on the financial reporting side.

Kim Halamicek
Kim Halamicek
Accounting Manager


Ensure accuracy and compliance with robust reporting capabilities, all while providing the level of transparency needed throughout the organization.

Advanced analytics

Spiff has partnered with Looker to bring deeper analysis and bold, visual dashboards right to your fingertips.

Customized reporting

Build your own simplified, custom, and exportable datasheets from the data that lives within Spiff.

Audit ready reporting

Quickly and easily create customized reports that are ASC 606 and IFRS 15 compliant.