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Why Spiff?

Considering Spiff to run your commission programs? Here’s what you need to know about how Spiff stacks up against legacy commission solutions and Spiff competitors and what our customers think of us!

Our satisfaction ratings are on a rocket ship!

  • Enterprise – High Performer
  • Enterprise – Leader
  • Enterprise – Best Relationship
  • Enterprise-Best Support
  • Mid-Market – Best Relationship
  • Mid-Market – Fast Implementation
  • Mid-Market – Most Implementable
  • Mid-Market – Best Usability
  • Mid-Market – Easiest Use
  • Mid-Market – Best ROI
  • Mid-Market – Best Results
  • Mid-Market Leader
  • Small Bizz – Leader
  • Small Bizz – High Performer
  • Best Relationship
  • 2022 Leader
  • Momemtum Leader
  • Best Results
  • Europe – High Performer

Every organization is unique. And so is Spiff!

Spiff isn’t the first commission software platform. Twenty years ago, pioneers in the space tried to automate commissions at scale.

But these systems lack one massive thing: time-to-value. They are hard to implement and impossible to self-maintain. Here’s a few other reasons why organizations choose Spiff: