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With Spiff, you can streamline compensation workflows, make sure people get paid accurately and on time, and increase trust between teams.


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Speed and efficiency are the name of the game to give you significant time back in your day. Spiff increases communication and visibility throughout every step of the process.

Rollups and team management

Quickly associate individuals and teams with different plans and values to scale compensation planning with just a few clicks.

Powerful overwrites

Easily overwrite values inside Spiff at any level, from your source data to the most granular calculated value.

Seamless integrations

Connect your CRM, ERP, HCM, payroll, or any other system to create a real-time, single source of truth for all your commission needs.


Spiff has impacted the automation of our internal process between booked, delivering and recognizing revenue for payout to Sales. It has streamlined discrepancies between multiple platforms for commission payouts.

Brian Lubocki
Brian Lubocki
Director of Enterprise Sales
Madison Logic


Eliminate manual processes and complex legacy systems, so you can have confidence in each and every payroll cycle.


Easily look back in time to see when changes happened to compensation plans and who made them.


Machine learning automatically matches records for you and eliminates manual errors between systems.

Real-time feedback

See how your plans are paying out in real-time as you make changes in Spiff Designer.


Spiff has definitely increased the accuracy of the commission calculations by removing the manual processes and automating them. It also allows for the commissioned teams to see their real-time results. This helps managers monitor progress each month and work with the team accordingly. With one place for all commission information, it reduces the back and forth between Sales and Finance as well.

Kelly Bonneau
Kelly Bonneau
Director of Accounting
7shifts Inc.


Inaccuracies in commission statements create distrust between departments. End the war between sales and operations once and for all.

Dispute management & commenting

Real-time commenting and email notifications for better alignment and faster cross-org collaboration.

Real-time visibility

Provide commissioned employees with real-time visibility into their commission statements and overall performance.

Robust reporting

Easily build your own simplified, customized, and exportable reports for quick insights.