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Spiff Up

At Spiff we like to give back to the communities and people around us. That’s why we created Spiff Up.


What is Spiff Up?

Spiff Up is Spiff’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) arm. Our Definition of Victory for this program is two-fold:

  • Giving forward becomes part of our corporate culture
  • To establish a vehicle to drive meaningful impact as an organization
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Education Savings Match Program

In partnership with Maak Impact, Spiff Up was able to mitigate some of the financial damage of Covid-19 on families in Madagascar.

During the height of Covid-19 many Tuktuk drivers were unable to earn a living. As a result, they struggled to provide for their families.

Spiff Up sponsored an internal matching campaign. With an 80% participation rate from team members, we were able to cover the cost of school supplies and fees for 71 children for the entire year.

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Cameleon Foundation Partnership

In January 2022, during Spiff’s CKO, team members assembled hundreds of hygiene kits to send to the Cameleon Foundation.

Spiff Up also made cash donations to the foundation to provide survivors with food, shelter, clothing, and legal support.

Cameleon’s mission is to eradicate sexual violence against children and teenagers and has children’s shelters and programs in the Philippines and France. Since its founding, they’ve helped more than 2,800 children and families.

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Ukraine Relief Efforts & Financial Aid

In partnership with the Utah Community Foundation and the Larry and Gail H. Miller Foundation, Spiff Up worked to provide immediate short-term relief to refugees fleeing Ukraine for safety. With the combined efforts of all partners we were able to provide $2 million in financial aid in 2022.

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