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With Spiff, you can streamline your workflows, automate even the most complex commission structures, and create better alignment within your organization.


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Spiff combines the usability of a spreadsheet with the power of automation to eliminate complex manual processes.

Seamless integrations

Connect your CRM, ERP, HCM, payroll, or any other system to create a real-time, single source of truth for all your commission needs.

Flexible set-up

Set up commission plans in weeks, not months. Make changes on the fly, as you need them, no matter how complex your commission plan is.

Integrated quota tables

Manage quotas with the flexibility of a spreadsheet and the power of a fully integrated system.

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We’re spending way less than half the time processing commissions each quarter! With Spiff, everything is calculated in one place. The automation and scalability has made it easier on my team and has increased transparency for all teams at Sensor Tower.

Zach Harris
Zach Harris
Sr. Sales Operations Manager
Sensor Tower


Speed and efficiency are the name of the game to give you significant time back in your day.

Dispute management & commenting

Real-time commenting and email notifications for better alignment and faster cross-org collaboration.

Powerful overwrites

Easily overwrite values inside Spiff at any level, from your source data to the most granular calculated value.

Robust reporting

Easily build your own simplified, customized, and exportable reports for quick insights


Since implementing Spiff, our team has been able to reduce the time spent reconciling and processing commissions by 400% and the headcount involved from 4 people to 1 person.

Andrew Sims
Andrew Sims
Sales Ops Manager


Inaccuracies in commission statements create distrust between departments. End the war between sales and operations once and for all.


Machine learning automatically matches records for you and eliminates manual errors between systems.

Approval workflows

Give your teams a way to view, manage, and approve commission statements before they’re sent out.

Deep audit trail

Simply add effective dates on any user, plan, or logic inside of the system. Lock historical statements to keep your books straight. Make one-off changes without worry.