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Spiff is on a mission to drive trust, motivation, and productivity across organizations through a new class of commission software.

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Our Values

Spiff is different in that we don’t have a list of virtues or values like most other companies. Instead, at Spiff, we have a definition of victory and a leadership mandate.

Spiff’s Definition of Victory

Spiff builds world-class leaders in every position and will reach escape velocity to become the client service leader in every market where we serve customers.

Your best years at Spiff will be the best professional years of your life filled with unforgettable adventures, unparalleled development, and life-long friendships.


Spiff’s Leadership Mandate

Leadership is for every person at Spiff in any role. Leaders create rapid, deep, and widespread achievement of a bold, shared purpose. We believe personal leadership will inevitably lead to market leadership.

We think of every person at Spiff as a “CEO.” It’s just a question of the scope of their responsibility. Your scope may be an entire division or it may just be you or a smaller team. Regardless, you are the Chief Executive over your scope of responsibility. At Spiff, we expect every person to be a leader.

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Molly Clarke Quote

Spiff really feels like a family. There is so much emphasis on getting to know and appreciate each other as human beings rather than just co-workers. It’s been a great experience so far!

Molly Clarke
Molly Clarke
Director of Digital Marketing
Matt Carlin Quote

My time at Spiff has been awesome- it’s not often you get to work at a place with both great people and a great product.

Matt Carlin
Matt Carlin
Sales Development Representative
Jonathan Warren Quote

Working at Spiff has given me an opportunity to constantly solve complex business problems and still have fun in the process. Spiff actually walks the walk and has been a fantastic place to work, build, and grow!

Jonathan Warren
Jonathan Warren
Director of Revenue Operations
Jessica Schissato Quote

Being around people who are engaged and passionate about what they do is what matters most to me in my work, and that’s what I found at Spiff. I love the collaborative environment, it’s been fun and challenging!

Jessica Schissato
Jessica Schissato
Senior Software Engineer
Leslie McGowan Quote

Seldom have I found a company that embodies the foundation of a family. At Spiff, our team is dedicated to each other as well as to our product. We aren’t afraid to be ourselves and as a result, reach beyond the expectation and grow together.

Leslie McGowan
Leslie McGowan
Executive Assistant


Spiff Up

At Spiff we like to give back to the communities and people around us.

That’s why we created Spiff Up, our corporate giving program. Through Spiff Up we pledge 1% of all Spiff revenue to various organizations or individuals in need of assistance.


We think you’ll love it here!