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Spiff vs. Xactly

Selecting the best Sales Compensation Software for your business is crucial. Let us walk you through how we stack up against other players in the space.


See why more companies choose Spiff



No ongoing professional services fees

Spiff’s entire reason for being is to eliminate ongoing professional services fees and empower you to manage your own commissions. After a small set-up fee, we won’t charge ongoing professional services fees. But you have full access to unlimited support from our support team. Why? Because we built a system that’s easy (and getting easier every day) to manage.

Ten years newer user interface

Spiff is fast, snappy, intelligent and beautiful. You can get a sense of UI/UX from our monthly product updates. Your reps should feel like they are working for the best company in the world. Spiff makes them understand how much you care about them.


Spiff allows you to easily make exceptions to any CRM data or any interim calculations in Spiff with Overwrites. Overwrites change how commissions are calculated but they don’t change your CRM data or your underlying logic. You can do them whenever you want and Spiff will keep a full audit log of the original value, changed values, and who made the changes.

All those features you’ve been wanting

Ability to handle inter-period transfers, create and manage teams, automate clawbacks, etc., all at the click of a button. We’re a decade newer and the ability to easily automate complexity has come a long way.