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Spiff vs. Everstage

Revolutionize your business’s compensation strategy by choosing the right Sales Compensation Software. Discover why top-performing companies trust Spiff over other tools, like Everstage. Don’t settle for mediocre results. Upgrade to Spiff today.


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Spiff’s powerful commission engine can process more data and more complex calculations in real-time.

Everstage users report long loading times when working with data or even making simple changes.

When your team is rushing to make payroll, run a report, or sales needs a final burst of motivation to close the next big deal, you can’t afford to deal with technology thats going to slow you down.

Powerful Integrations

Spiff easily integrates with the systems you already rely on and gives you the ability to manage and overwrite data and import new objects and fields as your organization scales.

Spiff places the utmost importance on data hygiene and quality so that users have a single source of truth to rely on.

Don’t base important business decisions off of inaccurate, outdated data.


Mobile App

Spiff’s brand-new mobile app provides sales teams with motivation and metrics when and where they need it.

Whether your team is in office, working remote, or on the go, Spiff’s mobile app delivers crucial information and makes commission transparency a breeze.

Conversely, Everstage users report ongoing issues with the Everstage mobile app- finding it unreliable and difficult to use.

Why put your team’s motivation in unreliable hands?

Intuitive UX

Spiff is intuitive and easy-to-use. Forget the steep learning curve, Spiff feels familiar and comfortable from day one.

On the other hand, Everstage users report the UX to be complex, difficult to navigate, and generally overwhelming.

Commission management is difficult enough, it’s important to select a product that makes your life easier.

+ More!

Spiff comes fully equipped with leaderboards, commission overwriting, approval workflows, currency conversion, document management, and everything else you need to actually manage commission programs at scale.


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