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Spiff vs. CaptivateIQ

Selecting the best Sales Compensation Software for your business is crucial. Let’s walk through two of the top-rated platforms, Spiff and CaptivateIQ, to help you choose the solution that is right for you.


See why more companies choose Spiff



captivateiq vs spiff
Better user experience

We regularly hear that Spiff has the best user experience. It’s a common reason people choose Spiff for their teams over CaptivateIQ. It is visually appealing but it’s also designed to motivate your team and help them easily understand their commission calculations. Users frequently point out that it’s easier to understand how Spiff calculates commissions than CaptivateIQ.

Real-time not report-based

Spiff is built for true real-time reporting. CaptivateIQ does not have a real-time Salesforce connector. We can update our data from your CRM as often as you want. We don’t rely on you to create a static report in your external system like Salesforce and then link to that report. We link to the actual CRM object itself. So whenever that object updates our system updates. But you can turn on and off syncing whenever you want. Users often choose Spiff because it supports true real-time updating relative to CaptivateIQ’s report-based approach.


Every single calculation in Spiff is auditable. They are so powerful we gave them their own product name–traces. You and anyone on your sales team can trace every single calculation back to the source CRM, ERP, or HRIS records. So you’ll always be able to understand every commission calculation.

Spiff Is an Excel replacement technology not Excel in the Cloud

CaptivateIQ highlights its similarities with Excel. Spiff is building an Excel replacement technology. Spiff is a low-code solution that makes developer-grade tools easy-to-use for business users. Spiff offers 6 building blocks you can combine with all of the Excel function you need to replicate any commission logic. Spiff leverages tools developers have used for years to make your system manageable at scale: tracing, testing, autocomplete, dependency trees, and version control.

Full API support

Spiff was built using API-first development. If you can access it anywhere in your instance of the online app, you can access the same data via API using a GraphQL client.