It is so good to see you! At Spiff, we never come empty-handed and thought you might appreciate this bouquet of feature updates…

Statement Designer

Users can now customize commission statement layouts directly from inside Designer and visualize the entire end-to-end experience all in one place, from building the plan logic to the final output reps will actually experience.

Bulk Team upload

In addition to all our existing team automation features (CRM integration, team creation, team assignment, etc.), we now let you upload teams and hierarchies, in bulk, directly from a spreadsheet. This new feature makes it super easy for new customers to import multiple team structures from various systems while still enjoying the power of our team management feature.

ASC606: Rule Exceptions

If you remember our last ASC606 product update, with Spiff, you will never have to build an ASC606 model in spreadsheets again! Our system was built from the ground up to be fully automated and integrated with our commission automation platform. With this new update, you may now create exceptions for each rule to support even more complex use cases such as conditional expensing, currency conversion and more.

Single sign-on – SAML 2.0 support

Single sign-on allows our customers to leverage their existing identity management platform to log in to Spiff. Reps love it because there is no need to remember yet another set of credentials and it is as easy as clicking a few buttons to get in! IT loves it too for the added security it provides. Everyone is happy and that’s how we like it at Spiff. Whether you use Okta, OneLogin, Google or any other identity management provider, we’ve got you covered! 


We’ve got some big announcements to make before the end of the year so stay tuned…The holidays are coming…

That’s it for this month. And as always, if you have any questions, comments or feedback, please let me know directly. Also, if you would like a demo, click here and we will be happy to schedule one for you. You can also watch a quick video about how our customers feel or just go to for more details.

Jean-Philippe Maitre

Jean-Philippe Maitre

Jean-Philippe is the Chief Product Officer and a co-founder at Spiff. Before Spiff, JP lead product development at Ancestry DNA and several other billion-dollar companies.