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Spiff Product Update: Automation Enhancements, Commission Expensing, and Roll-Ups!

By September 21, 2020 No Comments

2020 is going by so fast! The weather is cooling and winter clothes are getting dusted off but the activity at Spiff is heating up even more! We hope that everything has been going well for you since we last updated you about Spiff’s new capabilities. To continue the good news, let’s dive in!

New Relationships Experience:

Our relationship system is a dynamic way to connect data from multiple tables and automate complex commission logic. For example, if a commission was conditioned by the payment of all invoices attached to a deal, a “Deal to Invoice” relationship would allow you to pull all invoices attached to a specific deal to verify their status. This allows you to easily build complex conditions in your plans and reuse that condition as many times as you like.

Contrary to joins, relationships only need to be created once at the data source level and can be used over and over to travel through your data. Relationships are like a spaceship when joins are more like a bridge. New bridges need to be created every time your path or destination changes while a spaceship can take you anywhere inside a specific context.

With this feature, you can:

  • View the objects and fields that Spiff syncs in real-time, all in one place
  • Visualize data relationships to better understand your data
  • Create new data relationships instantly and easily. You’re allowed to be flexible!

One of the most popular aspects of Spiff is our ability to automate your commissions process. But this doesn’t only mean calculations! We help you automate a lot of the sales management process like expensing, teams, and assignment, check it out below.

Commission Expensing, no spreadsheets required

ASC 606 is a requirement for everyone in our space. We tried our best to make something a little tedious become something a bit cool and a whole lot easier. ASC 606 in Spiff is very simple, just a few dropdown menu choices, no spreadsheets or complicated models to build. If your commission logic changes, the ASC 606 requirements get updated automatically. Spiff’s platform approach to commissions makes this a set it and forget it piece of automation that is dynamic and just as real-time as the rest of the platform.

Automated Roll-ups

Usually, adding team members can alter commissions structures requiring a lot of new work to true up. Not so with Spiff! Once a commission roll-up is built, roll-ups flow automatically as you add or remove reps from teams. For example, when you have a new rep joining a team, all you need to do is add them to their team in 3 clicks and their manager will automatically get credited for their work. It makes roll-up calculations for managers nearly instant.

Team Automation

But what if you don’t manage your teams in Spiff? If you like to manage your teams inside Salesforce, no problem. Spiff is now able to automatically pull team structures from 3rd party systems. This reduces disparity between your platforms and reduces work load even further.

Plan/Quota Assignment Automation

In addition, Spiff allows you to automate plan and quota assignment through team assignment. If you decide to use that feature, all you have to do is add a rep to a team and they will be automatically assigned to the correct team and quota of your choice. It’s just 3 clicks to handle all the changes to your teams. Onboarding new reps, moving veterans around, and managing a dynamic sales organization just got a whole lot easier. You could play musical chairs every day and Spiff automates it all (not that we recommend it).

Great, so how do I add reps to Spiff?

Quick answer: you don’t! 😎 As soon as a rep is added to your CRM, they become available inside Spiff and can be assigned to plans. We’re making Spiff more responsive and integrated every day so it never forces you to duplicate work from your CRM.

These features are some of the most impactful additions we’ve added to Spiff this month but are by no means all we’ve done. To see the full potential of adding Spiff to your revenue technology stack, book a demo today!