Spiff is Built for Netsuite

Simplify and streamline your commission workflows with the Spiff app for NetSuite. This new SuiteApp will alleviate hours of manual work and will help sales leaders focus more of their attention on driving revenue growth.

Ready to see it in action?

Spiff is the world's most effective sales commissioning platform. We take you out of manual spreadsheets and provide your reps with personalized, real-time dashboards that put trust and motivation back into your team.

Real-Time Commissioning

Simple and Powerful

Leverage the power of immediate rewards to increase motivation within your team. Each rep gets a personalized dashboard that updates in real-time as they close deals or meet specific business criteria.

Simple and Powerful

Full Visibility & Transparency

Commissioned team members get personalized dashboards. Each and every commission calculation is fully auditable. We believe transparency helps build trust and as a result, increases employees’ performance.

Built for Scale


Our clients range from just a few to hundreds of reps. Spiff supports multiple currencies, ASC 606, overwrites, quotas, flat or tiered commissions, accelerators, team-based roll-ups, and hundreds more. Software should not dictate but rather serve your strategy.


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