Good to see you! While you’ve been busy rocking it this summer, we, at Spiff, have been working on some cool things. Also, we will announce something BIG next month so make sure to stay tuned! Here are the highlights for this month:

New Marketing Website

We launched our new marketing website designed entirely in-house. Want to know how Spiff feels? Put on some headphones, load our team playlist, sit back and enjoy the ride.

Plan Designer

Introducing Spiff Recipes™

Spiff Recipes™ are like cooking recipes applied to commissions. They are basically a set of instructions on how to build specific commission plans or rules inside Spiff. From common rules like Accelerators to more specific ones like Period Transfers, we now share everything with you on our Help Site. Please give it some time as new Spiff Recipes™ get added (discovered) all the time but they are calorie-free so indulge and stay tuned!

Smart Auto-Complete

Build plans faster and more confidently with our newly released, fresh out-of-the-oven, smart auto-complete feature. Any time you are writing logic, whether you are using a function or referencing objects, Spiff now guides you contextually with smart suggestions based on what you just typed. This magic wand lets you focus on logic rather than having to remember the exact syntax.

Smart Auto-complete


Many companies use very similar rules across commission plans. You may now clone entire plans, rules or any object inside Plan Designer and modify them just a little bit to fit the logic requirements of another plan. Cloning inside Spiff saves a lot of time and it’s 100% safe and legal!

Object Cloning

Other Improvements

Statement Graph

Sales reps can now see commissions trends and averages for each plan at the top of their statement page(s). More reporting to come but we thought you would enjoy that one. Up and to the right!

Statement Graph

New User Role

Spiff was designed from the ground up to be Enterprise ready and already offers many roles with different sets of permissions. This month, we added a new role: Editing Manager. In addition to the permissions granted to a ManagerEditing Managers can create overwrites and statement adjustments as well as recalculate and freeze statements. Think about it as Hercules in the roman mythology, half god, half human.


We refined our Quickbooks online connector to be more comprehensive. In addition to Salesforce, Stripe and Quickbooks, we are also working on a new Netsuite integration. 

Putting the Fun in Functions

marginal_payout() Function

For more details about the marginal_payout() function, check out our Help Site.

As always, if you have any questions, comments or feedback, please let me know directly. Also if you would like a demo, click here and we will be happy to schedule one for you. You can also watch a quick video about our product or just go to for more details.

Jean-Philippe Maitre

Jean-Philippe Maitre

Jean-Philippe is the Chief Product Officer and a co-founder at Spiff. Before Spiff, JP lead product development at Ancestry DNA and several other billion-dollar companies.