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Sales commission is a huge motivator for teams, but we know organizations often struggle to provide their teams with access to accurate, real-time commission data.

With Spiff for Salesforce, you can automate your commission process and give your teams real-time commission reports they can view in the Spiff platform or directly in a VisualForce page in Salesforce.


Key Benefits



Core Features & Functionality

Easy Setup & Real-Time Data Syncing

Your Salesforce instance hosts valuable team performance, and deal data that is used to calculate commission for your teams. With Spiff, you can set up ongoing data syncs that funnel right into Spiff’s Commission Engine to calculate commission automatically.

You can establish the connection right within the Spiff platform by entering your Salesforce credentials through an O-Auth connection. Once connected, we help you customize the frequency of your data syncs. We support syncs as often as every 5-minutes and up to daily. It’s important to note that more frequent syncs mean more frequent Salesforce API calls. When a data sync does occur, Spiff will only import the Salesforce data that’s changed since your last sync.

Spiff for Salesforce supports all of the standard and custom objects available through their API, including:

  • User
  • Account
  • Deal
  • LineItem
  • Event
  • Deal Split
  • Conversion Rate
  • Custom Objects

Configure exactly which data Spiff imports from Salesforce. Only the objects, including custom objects, needed for your commission plan will be synced into Spiff. It’s also possible to limit which fields sync with Spiff and filter which records we sync for each type of object.

We also allow you to limit Spiff’s access to your Salesforce instance by creating a Salesforce profile with limited permissions. This profile can then be used during the OAuth flow. These permissions can be revoked at any time by your Salesforce admins. And, your admins will also maintain the ability to audit all API activity from Spiff– giving your organization complete and total control over the Spiff for Salesforce integration.

Data Security

Spiff ensures secure data syncing by requiring a TLS connection each time we interact with the Salesforce API. Specifically, Spiff requires the use of the TLS 1.2 protocol with a restricted cipher suite. This is also enforced by the Salesforce API which you can verify by checking the TLS requirements of your Salesforce instance.

Once external data has been copied into the Spiff platform, we encrypt the data at rest with managed encryption keys. This is an added layer of security to ensure that your data cannot be exfiltrated from the Spiff platform.

Access to your data is limited by our role-based access control system with roles managed by Spiff admin users. This provides granular control over which users can see different types of data.

Efficient Import Process

When you first connect Spiff to Salesforce, an initial sync is performed with the objects/ fields you specify. This stores a copy in Spiff. Spiff can then filter out specific data sets by any criteria you’d like (i.e. only bring in Opportunities closed after a specific date, don’t sync terminated users, etc.).

Spiff uses change data capture and the LastModifiedDate within Salesforce to sync any new, changed, or deleted data from Salesforce. We don’t purge the copies in Spiff and resync all records each time. The copies of existing records that change are updated in Spiff, new records are loaded, and deleted records are removed, which drastically reduces processing time.

The calculations within Spiff can be viewed as independent from the actual syncing of records with Salesforce. They run off copies stored in Spiff and not off the raw data via the API in Salesforce. You can rerun these calculations at any time without having to do a complete re-sync with Salesforce, which also saves a considerable amount of time. Additionally, the calculations in Spiff are based on Datasets, which are drastically pared down volumes of data (i.e. ClosedWon in the Quarter).

Commission Visibility Directly in Salesforce

Once your Salesforce data is imported into Spiff and you’ve built your commission plans and statements, you can easily add a VisualForce page into your Salesforce instance to provide your team with real-time statements. We give you step-by-step documentation to help you get these set up and available for your teams to use.

Bringing commission data into the sales process sooner helps teams focus on the right deals at the right time. With Spiff for Salesforce, reps have access to powerful insights– including access to real-time commission estimates while building out opportunities or quotes and detailed commission statements on deals that have already closed.

This real-time visibility into sales commission and quota attainment arms teams with a deeper understanding of how changes to deals impact commission payouts– all within Salesforce.

Advanced Plan & Team Performance Insights

From leaderboards to attainment reports, Spiff for Salesforce allows leaders to easily see what teams and plans are performing the best to understand where changes are needed. Use these insights to drive more of the right behaviors and activities on your sales team or make informed plan adjustments to increase the effectiveness of your comp strategy.