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Welcome to the future of sales commission.

A sales rep’s motivation often increases as they get closer to winning a deal. After all, that’s often when they’re rewarded for the work they put into each sales cycle.

But what if there was a way to help your reps maintain that same level of motivation throughout the entire process, from the very beginning?


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Schedule time with us!


Why Spiff?

With Spiff’s Commission Estimator, you can inject even more motivation into a sales cycle as your team builds quotes in Salesforce CPQ, giving your teams access to:


Money is a motivator for all of us, but particularly for those on variable compensation plans. It’s imperative that those employees have real-time insights into how they are performing and what deals are going to give them the greatest earning potential. Spiff Commission Estimator on Revenue Cloud puts that information at reps fingertips right within quotes in Salesforce.

Kayleigh Fields
Kayleigh Fields
Commissions & Quota Manager