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Drive revenue through commission visibility.

Commission plans are built to drive improved behavior and revenue quality. With visibility into the right data, reps prioritize high value-deals and strategic discounting, which means more revenue.

But, how do you provide that data earlier and give real-time visibility into how changes impact sales commission and attainment?


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Why Spiff?

With Spiff’s Commission Estimator, you can inject commission data into each sales cycle as opportunities and quotes are built in Salesforce, giving reps access to:


Money is a motivator for all of us, but particularly for those on variable compensation plans. It’s imperative that those employees have real-time insights into how they are performing and what deals are going to give them the greatest earning potential. Spiff Commission Estimator on Revenue Cloud puts that information at reps fingertips right within quotes in Salesforce.

Kayleigh Fields
Kayleigh Fields
Commissions & Quota Manager