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Your Spreadsheet’s Days Are Numbered

Legacy solutions and spreadsheets are the main catalysts for the distrust, animosity, and job dissatisfaction seen within modern sales and finance teams.  But, we believe in a world where that’s not the case. 

Spiff is designed to restore trust in the commission process and revive motivation on the sales floor.

Welcome to a new class of software.


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Why Spiff?


We won’t claim to be the first company to try and solve your commission woes. But what we will claim to be is the most powerful and innovative commission solution on the market today. Here’s what sets us apart:


Don’t just take our word for it!

Spiff gives our sales reps and managers visibility into their commission statements so they can not only see what they’re making, but also their potential earnings and calculations for the quarter and the full year. It’s front and center for them so it drives motivation.
Dane Voboril
Dane Voboril
VP, Revenue Operations
As a Finance department, we needed to ensure we had the back office structures in place to support them. With Spiff, we’ve been able to create a sustainable process that we can administer and operate ourselves— without it becoming someone’s full-time job.
Chloe Sayers
Chloe Sayers
Finance Manager
Spiff has been awesome in being transparent and showing all my sales reps exactly what they’re earning even if the commissions can be hard to track sometimes. It’s quite useful and makes my job a lot easier.
Lawson Lighten
Lawson Lighten
Sales Representative
Intuitive, accurate, and visual. A tool that I can trust to keep me on track. The integration with Salesforce is consistently accurate, meaning that I can trust the numbers and know exactly how I am tracking throughout the month.
Jamie Williams
Jamie Williams
Sales Development Rep
My favorite thing about Spiff is the transparency and for the reps and sales leadership to be able to login and see exactly where they are in real-time.
Josh Lawson
Josh Lawson
Corporate Controller
Spiff has impacted the automation of our internal process between booked, delivering and recognizing revenue for payout to Sales. It has streamlined discrepancies between multiple platforms for commission payouts.
Brian Lubocki
Brian Lubocki
Director, Enterprise Sales
Madison Logic

We don’t just sell software.

Spiff isn’t just a tool. Spiff is a vote of confidence in your team and a token of appreciation for their hard work. We don’t just sell software here at Spiff. We sell:


From sales reps to the C-Level, with Spiff everyone has access to real-time commission reports.



With Spiff, sales and finance teams can finally operate together with a single source of truth to guide them.


Real-time, accurate commission data means the entire organization can trust the commission process and each other.



With Spiff your sales team now has access to real-time reports that show their commission targets in real-time- along with the deals they need to close to get there.

Peace of Mind

When you work with Spiff, you can sleep at night knowing your commission process is compliant and your commission statements are accurate.



When reps trust their commission statements, they spend less time chasing down inaccuracies and keeping their own records- giving them more time to spend selling.


When your teams are focused on the right activities, your entire company benefits.



Before Spiff, adding new reps, restructuring territories, and making changes meant long hours revamping commission plans. Not anymore. We grow with you.

Job Satisfaction

When teams are motivated, productive, and trust the people around them, they’re happier and more satisfied at their jobs.