At Spiff, we know we’re nothing without our team. Our team is what drives the innovation, usability, and success of our platform and we don’t celebrate these folks as much as we should. So in this brand new blog series, we’re doing just that. 

Welcome to our new ‘Class Of’ series where we introduce you to just some of the individuals that make up our organization. The goal of these posts is to give you a peek behind the curtain so you can meet the humans behind our brand and learn what it’s really like to work at Spiff.

Introducing the Spiff Class of June 2021

Today we introduce you to 12 Spiffers who’ve been with the company since June of this year:

Angela Donato, Mid-Market Sales Manager

Angela always felt she wanted to be in the music industry and even worked at a music company throughout college and post-graduation. After realizing the music world wasn’t for her, Angela moved back to the Bay Area where she was born and raised. There, she got into SaaS sales becoming an SDR at a company called UserTesting. Since then, Angela has been fortunate enough to add high-growth startups like Iterable and MURAL to her resume. 

When Angela isn’t working, you’ll find her in Austin biking around with her mini-poodle, Mr. Frank, trying new restaurants in her Quest to find the best chicken sandwich on Earth, rock-climbing, and supporting small businesses. 

What excites you most about your role at Spiff?

“The thing that excites me most about my role at Spiff is the opportunity I have to help define and work on our sales motion for the Mid-Market segment. My team works with a lot of high-growth startups and it’s also exciting that we get to work with these folks to see them scale and grow with them.” 

angela donato mid-market sales manager

Kayla Cresswell, Sr. Machine Learning Engineer

Kayla grew up in Utah and loves the outdoors, particularly snow skiing, water skiing, and hiking with her dogs. Although Kayla didn’t grow up loving computers, programming and solving complex problems has really grown oh her. Kayla loves coming up with innovative ways to do things better.

What excites you most about your role at Spiff?

“The most exciting thing about my role at Spiff is the constant opportunity to learn and the awesome people I get to work with!”

kayla cresswell, sr machine learning engineer

Mariel Chevalier, Client Success Manager

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY Mariel is a lover of people and all things creative. Mariel’s passion for entrepreneurship and her belief that nothing is unattainable led her to the world of technology start-ups. During the course of Mariel’s career, she has been fortunate enough to watch companies, products, and teams grow and overcome struggles to ultimately become successful- an experience that still drives her to this day.

When she’s not working, you’ll find Mariel painting, cooking, rollerblading, or reading a good book. Currently residing in Charlotte, NC, Mariel enjoys the best of both worlds with a comfortable combination of city and suburb.

What excites you most about your role at Spiff?

“The most exciting part of my role at Spiff is the opportunity I have to be part of an innovative company and work alongside a collaborative team towards a common goal.”

mariel chevalier client success manager

Anne Mason, Integration Consultant

Anne started her career in research in 2005 as a telephone interviewer for market research surveys. Given the opportunity to work in analytics, she jumped at the chance and began developing market research reports focusing on customer satisfaction. 

In 2011, Anne moved to work with technology. She spent 10 years at Polecat Intelligence, starting as a data analyst for customers at the world’s largest companies and eventually become the VP of Advanced Analytics. At Spiff, Anne gets to focus on her love of data, which makes her happy to come to work each day.

When not building new data connections for customers, Anne loves to cook, make wine in the Napa Valley, and spend time with her family.

What excites you most about your role at Spiff?

“I love finding simple solutions to complex problems.”

anne mason integrations consultant

Jonathan Bechtold, Sr. Marketing Operations Manager

Jonathan grew up in a small town in Wyoming just outside Yellowstone Park. He played trumpet all the way up through his Junior year at the University of Utah but decided the “starving” part of his dream gig as a musician wasn’t all that glorious so he bounced around job-wise for a bit – working jobs ranging from nightclub bouncer to Sea Urchin fisherman off the coast of Ketchikan. Ultimately, Jonathan finally settled into Corporate America working for eBay. 

After going back to school for an IT Visual Communications undergrad followed by an MBA in Technology Commercialization at Westminster College he learned that implementing, integrating, optimizing, and strong-arming tech stacks for Sales and Marketing organizations was actually super rad! He spends his spare time with his two young boys, hiking, camping, skiing, dining out at new restaurants, and making silver jewelry- doing everything from smelting the ore, to sand casting, finishing, and all the things!

What excites you most about your role at Spiff?

“The most exciting thing about my role at Spiff is my team and all the opportunities for operational awesomeness within the marketing org!”

jonathan bechtold sr marketing operations manager

Roy Babbel, Software Engineer

Roy is a born and raised Utahn who obtained his undergraduate of science from Utah Valley University, majoring in computer science. Roy is driven by a root care for things to be efficient and elegant drives his passion to innovate and improve wherever he can. Not wanting to specialize in one field of study Roy loves being a software engineer because it provides the bridge between all fields since everything needs software.

What excites you most about your role at Spiff?

“The most exciting thing about my role at Spiff is the amount of impact I can have on processes. It’s flexible and allows for changes!”

Kim Izatt, Solutions Engineer

Kim is a former math teacher who entered the tech field by completing a coding bootcamp.  She enjoys the logic and creativity she is able to utilize as part of her job in programming.  Kim has recently been learning how to make wheel-thrown pottery and dreams of having her own home studio someday.  

Running is the one exercise that will always get her out of bed in the mornings but she also enjoys paddle boarding, cycling, and hiking. She enjoys spending time with her husband, her four children, and her large extended family.

What excites you most about your role at Spiff?

“I love being a part of implementing Spiff’s sales commission software for our clients.  It’s so rewarding to see their excitement as commission plans come together and are displayed in an accurate, well-designed, and easy-to-understand format for their sales reps.”

kim izatt solutions engineer

Jason Stapleton, Director of Implementation

Jason grew up in a small town in Utah County, Utah. Empowering people to be successful is one of Jason’s strongest passions. Process automation, training and education, specialization, transparency in communication, and focusing on the ‘why’ are some of the things that Jason loves using to drive his team’s success.

For Jason, the primary motivation for managing people is being the manager that he would like to have. Jason loves hiking/backpacking, water sports, sports, movies, board & video games, cooking, and music.

What excites you most about your role at Spiff?

“​​I love being able to combine my technical expertise with the opportunity to work with people. We have a unique opportunity at Spiff to solve challenging and compelling issues while focusing on simplicity and transparency.”

jason stapleton director of implementation

Taylor Brown, Account Executive

Taylor grew up in Draper, Utah playing a variety of sports with the goal of becoming a professional athlete. Although Taylor still loves sports, he now pursues different dreams within the SaaS world. Taylor has worked in tech sales for almost eight years now. 

During the week Taylor can be found golfing and watching his two children, ages five and three, play sports. Taylor and his family love taking their trailer out camping- as long as he can still connect to wifi to catch a Yankees or Jazz game.

What excites you most about your role at Spiff?

“The most exciting part about my role at Spiff is hearing our customers say great things about the product!”

taylor brown account executive

Kevin Fleming, Solutions Engineer

Prior to joining Spiff, Kevin spent several years in the music industry and eventually worked in a music-focused role in the military. In addition to Kevin’s music career, he also has experience with public accounting and financial forensics. Currently, while also working at Spiff, Kevin is an Accounting Major and getting his Master’s Degree in data science.

What excites you most about your role at Spiff?

“The most exciting thing about working at Spiff is the start-up culture!”

Kevin Fleming, solutions engineer

Nicole Nelson, Events & Project Coordinator

Nicole was born in California but primarily grew up in Utah. Prior to joining Spiff, Nicole worked at a real estate and stock education company in events and customer care.  Nicole loves being active so working in events is a natural fit for her because she can be on her feet planning something from start to finish while working with new people.

Nicole loves being outside, hiking, photography, attending concerts, hanging out with friends, and biking. In recent years, Nicole and her husband decided to fulfill a lifelong dream and sold their house and cars and built a van to travel the west coast for a year. 

What excites you most about your role at Spiff?

“I love that I get the opportunity to work in event planning while also working with cool new people. It’s an amazing chance to work on my feet while also learning new skills and being a part of a company that I feel proud to work for.”

Nicole Nelson, Events & Project Coordinator

Steven Miner, Enterprise Business Development Representative

Steven has worked in SaaS for almost three years and has enjoyed being part of the growth happening in the Silicon Slopes area. In his career, Steven values good leadership and constantly learning new things which both influenced his decision to join Spiff. 

In his personal life, Steven is a husband and a father of three amazing children. For fun, you’ll find Steven learning the latest dance moves from his daughters and teaching his 9-month-old son about sports.

What excites you most about your role at Spiff?

“The most exciting thing about my role at Spiff is the opportunity to grow within an incredible company!”

steven miner enterprise business development representative

Careers at Spiff

That just about wraps up our first-ever ‘Class Of’ blog post. We hoped you enjoyed getting to know some of our team members a bit better. Keep your eye out for more, we’re just getting started. While you’re waiting, you can learn more about the Spiff culture, here:

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