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Sign up for the Spiff CAB Virtual Meeting on October 26th at 11:30am MT.

The Spiff CAB is a hand-picked group of customers who will have the opportunity to engage directly with Spiff’s Product team. The goal of this group is to solicit feedback and guidance on how to better meet user needs, and co-define strategic decisions and future business plans.

We look forward to catching up with you, filling you in on the exciting happenings at Spiff, and getting your feedback on all things Spiff. Jeron Paul, CEO at Spiff, Matt Gahr, CRO at Spiff, and Anna Fisher, CMO at Spiff, will be in attendance.


  • Introductions & State of Spiff
  • Spiff Product Roadmap Presentations
  • Closing Discussion

Lunch will be provided via gift certificate!

Register today!