We’ve got lots of cool geeky stuff for you this month! Enjoy!

Statement Metrics Customization

Company admins can now select any metric used in commission calculations and pin them at the top of each payout rule section. As a result, reps can easily see how they are doing at a high-level without having to dive into the details…unless they want to.

Customers say it’s almost as good as picking your own toppings at a froyo bar!

CRM Data: Accessibility And Usability Improvements

Users can now look at all synced objects (think CRM objects like Deals, Assets, Events, etc. That’s right, Spiff syncs all these in real-time), see their relationships (what other objects they are related to) and manually overwrite their fields, all in one place. We also added the ability to search for objects by their original/CRM ID. No more “Dude, where is my deal?” 0113A0000McYNQQA3 makes total sense for us!


Intermediate Calculation Overwrites

Manual Overwrites (popular feature we introduced last December) are not limited to CRM values anymore, they can also be made on intermediate calculations. For example, when you need to overwrite commissions for a specific rep on a split deal without affecting the other co-owners commissions. But remember, with great power comes great responsibility!

NEW Overwrites Page

Since overwrites can be made on different objects and at different levels inside Spiff, we created a new page called “Overwrites” to organize and centralize them. This new page allows finance users to look for any overwrite ever created at their company (full traceability baby!) and search for them by type, name, field or variable, value, creation date and creator name. Honestly, I wish my bedroom closet was that organized…


Custom Fields

Custom fields are awesome little fields you can create on different objects in Spiff to store specific values or pieces of logic. You can then reference those fields in your formulas allowing you to automate almost an infinite number of small nuances down to the plan, team or even rep level. Happy to go over this in more detail when we onboard your company =)


Other Improvements


If you like living life on the fast lane, you’ll really like this! We optimized some database queries on our pages, added more batch loading for similar data objects and continued parallelizing our data retrieval from the front-end portion of our app. If you are not sure what this nerdy language means…it means FAST!

User Experience

We now persist certain views configuration (Homepage, statement page, etc.) at the user level so everyone gets it how they like it.

Puttin’ The Fun In Functions

In addition to all these features, we’ve also added many backend features to make Spiff even more powerful as well as some smaller features and design enhancements.

As always, If you have any questions, comments or feedback, please let me know directly. Also if you would like a demo, click here and we will be happy to schedule one for you. You may also watch a quick video about our Product or just go to spiff.com for more details.

Jean-Philippe Maitre

Jean-Philippe Maitre

Jean-Philippe is the Chief Product Officer and a co-founder at Spiff. Before Spiff, JP lead product development at Ancestry DNA and several other billion-dollar companies.