After many long days, nights and weekends of hard work (and the invaluable feedback of our beta users), we are super excited to announce the first release of Spiff, the world’s most efficient and effective sales commission platform.

Here is a quick overview of what we have been cooking up for you.

Spiff v1.0:

The world’s most powerful commission calculation engine

We can handle virtually any commission plan! From including quotas and marginal-tiering to deal splits, overrides and many more, it’s simple: if your plan can be represented mathematically, we can handle it. Don’t believe it? Give us a try!

Lightning-speed on-boarding and plan updates

Change is the only constant in today’s world. With that in mind, we worked hard to make our system as flexible and easy to set up as possible. We can onboard your company in as little as one day and you can also make plan changes in a matter of minutes.

Real-time sales commission dashboards

Our dashboards update in real-time as new deals happen. Whether you are a finance executive or a sales rep, Spiff shows you the most up-to-date commissions. It’s official, the burden of manually calculating commissions is over.

Powerful statements

Our statements’ user interface adapts to each rep’s commission plan structure and providing visibility into the data and calculations used at any point in time.

Data tables customization

Different stakeholders care about different metrics. So our data tables fully customizable at the user level. Columns can easily be added, hidden or re-ordered based on each user’s needs.

User roles and permissions

Anyone in your organization can get access to commissions based on needs or job function. We can handle teams and multiple levels of hierarchies.

3rd party integrations

Thanks to our integrations with Salesforce, Stripe, Quickbooks and many others, all commission calculations can be centralized in one place. No more switching back and forth between different systems to validate commissions.

Aggregate commission numbers and trends

Our clean and simple interface allows you to easily follow commission trends at the company, period and sales rep level.

Manual commission adjustments

No matter what the reason is (e.g a sales rep earned a bonus or you need to account for a clawback), manual commission adjustments give you the flexibility you need to adjust commission totals based on individual cases.


Anyone who has access to a statement can leave comments and start discussions in context, right within statements, making communication easier across stakeholders.

History logs

Changes on deals and adjustments are tracked and always available, improving clarity and transparency for all stakeholders.

Statement export

Because we know work also happens outside of Spiff, we give you the ability to export statements in .csv format.

Payment matching feature/algorithm

If you pay out commissions on payment received, no need to jump back and forth between your CRM and payment system. Our powerful matching algorithm will do the work for you and ensure closed deals have been paid before your sales rep can earn a commission.

Powerful search

Every system of records needs a great search functionality. We optimized our search to be snappy, contextual and to allow for approximate queries.

What’s coming up:

  • Advanced team and user management features to give company admins better tools to manage users

  • Make plan assignments easier

  • New commission plan builder features to help you move faster and optimize your commission plans.

  • Better notifications so users know in real-time when they need to take action

Today Spiff is supercharging sales commission management through back-office automation, real-time commission calculation and collaboration tools. We have many more powerful features planned.

We hope you’ll join us along with many other companies who are already trusting us as we continue to craft a smarter way to manage and optimize sales commissions. If you have any questions, comments or feedback, please let me know directly. Also if you would like a demo, click here and we will be happy to schedule one for you. You may also watch a quick video about our Product or just go to for more details.

Jean-Philippe Maitre

Jean-Philippe Maitre

Jean-Philippe is the Chief Product Officer and a co-founder at Spiff. Before Spiff, JP lead product development at Ancestry DNA and several other billion-dollar companies.